This is my very first blog post in Word Press. I have to admit I am not a virgin blogger as I have various blogs floating through out the internet. But this is my very first blog post after I took on the title of book writer/author. Oh yes I know there are millions….. no zillions of book writers/authors out there. It seems these days every one wants to write a book. I guess I am one of those every ones.

Writing has always been an outlet for me. I started writing in about fifth grade when I wrote this poem in class. It went something like this.

We met beside the telephone post, the only one I could find,  I looked into his eyes and smiled, he looked into mine,  I touched his hair with my hand, he made a sweet,sweet sound,  I’ll tell you, tell you all I can,  It felt like soft sweet down.  But all good things must come to an end, the way they always do, I put the little gray kitten down, and went on my way to school.

Ahhh! so sweet. From that day on I was hooked on writing. I loved it. I could use my imagination writing poems, thoughts and ideas. I took all the poetry classes, writing classes and English classes that I could take in high school. I mostly wrote dark poetry in my tween and teen years. But dark poetry about lost love and love and pain and all that stuff that comes with being a teenager.

I lost contact with the world of writing when I graduated high school. Oh there were a few sparse angry poems here and there but mostly I was learning how to live in the real world after high school. I tried college but that didn’t last. so to the workplace I went. And that is when I found my other muse. Sewing.  I loved it. I worked in a drapery shop and enjoyed the joy of touching all those beautiful fabrics every day.  I dated. I partied. I pretty much did what every young person let go into the real world does. But there was still something missing.  Something inside of me wanted to be let out.


Stay tuned for my continuing story in my second post.

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