My Continuing Saga

I met my husband in 1983 when I was about to give up on ever having someone to love in my life. We had both been down that rocky road so we both were a little hesitant about giving our whole life to each other. But apparently life had different plan because two years later we were married and had a beautiful baby girl.  And two years after that our son was born.That’s when I started writing again.  Still poetry, but a thought was beginning at the back of my mind. Why not write stories. So I wrote a childrens story. I never published it but I still have it and may someday publish it.

I found God the year my daughter turned 3 years old. Funny that I say I found God. I am sure he was there all along, I just didn’t notice him. But that is when I started writing christian poetry. I loved writing it because I loved my God. I still love my God to this day. There are times I feel like giving up but I know he is there taking care of me. Things may not turn out as I expect and there are hard times to get through but I feel comfort in knowing he is there to comfort me.


by SKV

I cried a thousand, million tears for all the bad I”d done, My heart felt used and torn up from all the hurt I’d won. The battle for lost treasures I though I needed then, were coming back to haunt me again and again.

You came so quietly into my life with a love so very strong, You took my tears and wiped them dry…erased all I’d done wrong.

You took my heavy coat of worry, and said “I’ll wear it now.” “I love you my dear child,  no matter what, no matter how.”

“My child I’ve been waiting to help you carry all, I’ve’cried when you cried, hurt when you hurt, felt each and every fall.”

I looked up at you on the cross with the burdens you gladly bore, I cried a thousand million tears for the heavy coat you wore.

Then you looked down and in your eyes I saw a love so true. My heart felt clean, my shoulders felt light, I felt so very new.

I realized I had not fought this battle for this treasure you had given. You gently took my hand and said, “There’s more for you in heaven.”

Those years I realized how much God had given up for me and given me. He gave me a life, a wonderful husband two sweet children and the gift of writing.  Because that is what it is … a gift.

The Gift of Life

by SKV

You gave me the greatest gift of all, the gift of life. But like a selfish child. I threw it down, And asked for more.

“But there is no more.” you said.

And I replied. “If that’s all there is to it, take it back!”

To which you answer was. “So be it. But you must know that there is more to life by your will only. And with each day the gift of life becomes more valuable, as you see fit. For the gift is not given to be thrown in the corner and forgotten. It is to be built upon with tools found along the way. And the only true builder is yourself. So if you should like this gift, I shall willingly give it to you, and no more. The gift of life is yours to keep and do with as you please. But remember there is no one to face the blame or collect the praise but you. And no one who can decide but you. It’s all up to you what you do with your gift of life.”

And with that you were gone. I looked down to find the gift at my feet. And I gently picked it up and held it to my heart.

And  underneath the gift lay a brand new hammer and nails.

 I put the hammer and nails in my pocket and started on my way.

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