Winter Tedium

Two Words of the day . Winter tedium.100_6354



 Tedium means monotony, boredom, routine,dreariness. Add to that the word  winter and you have one long cold boring season.  With this long winter in Montana I find I hear that word alot in every conversation that I come across. “I am so bored.” “I hate this dreariness.” “This winter has been so long and monotonous.”

I welcome the tedium of winter as  much as I welcome the flowers of spring and the heat of summer and the colorful leaves of fall. It means that I have lived another season and enjoyed the life God has given me. Yes life is a gift and it can be tedious but it also can be exciting. Nowadays people want excitement all the time in their lives. It’s pushed on you through social media. you see it on road signs, even hear it from friends and relatives. “There has to be more than this in life.” I hear that alot. Or “Isn’t life supposed to be exciting.” No. Life isn’t supposed to be exciting. You can’t expect life to give you something exciting to do every day. You have to do that for yourself. You are the one that needs to make your life what it is. It can be exciting or boring and humdrum. You can sit around feeling sorry for yourself and wonder why you are bored or you can get up off your “tedium” and make your life exciting.

The cold and snow can sometimes put a damper on that excitement everyone craves. And the monotony of one cold day after another can cause even the sanest person to go a little cabin fever crazy. But winter can be exciting. Ask any kid that wants to sled down a snow covered slope. Ask any skier that can’t wait for the snow pack to increase. Ask an ice skater waiting for the rink or the pond to freeze over. The tedium of winter can only be made exciting  if you want it to be.

I myself love the winter tedium.  It gives me time to read a good book in front of warm fire.  Or watch a good movie with my hubby and munch on popcorn.(or fall asleep) I can write a novel or a poem and not worry about mowing the lawn or watering the garden(both of which I love to do also). I plan my garden in the middle of winter and even in winter tedium I can imagine the plants sprouting and the delicious veggies. I also love to sew and craft. And make presents for all  family for Christmas and birthdays.  Board games come in handy if you are bored.  Sometimes it’s just great to cover up with a wam blanket and take a winter nap. Of course if napping isn’t your thing, you can always play on your tablet or ipad or i phone or computer or any of the latest new gadgets.

And if inside  gets to be a “bore” dress warmly, go outside and catch a snowflake on your tongue. Or shovel the walk for a not so physically able neighbor. Have a snowball fight  or make a snowman. Have a sledding party or warm yourself and melt marshmallows by a fire pit. Yes, I have melted marshmallows in the middle of a cold icy winter. Take a walk in the icy coldness and feel rejuvenated. It also makes you appreciate the warmth indoors and realize life isn’t so bad.

Winter doesn’t have to be tedious. It just takes a little of your imagination to make the cold monotony turn  into something warm and exciting.