Finding God

I walked in abysmal darkness many days.

I cried out for love to empty echoes.

I sat alone in a despairing lonely haze

Of endless tears and many woes.


When I feared I had no time left,

That all life had abandoned me,

I fell to my knees in great distress

And called on the Lord God in tearful pleas.


I feared he would not answer me

For I was a worthless soul to perceive.

My despair was my iniquity.

There was no earthly reason to believe.


On bended knee I bowed my head.

I cried tears of shame in the unfathomable dark.

I feared that, to the Lord, I was dead.

I felt no light in my dying heart.


 In a soft wisp of a whispered breeze

He stood before me in a robe of white.

He said “Stand my lamb and I will give you peace!”

“You are not forgotten in this world my child.”


The darkness lifted as he gazed at me

With love shining from his radiant heart

And with a dawning realization I could see

That he had walked with me in the dark.


My Lord had never left my side

I had not wandered through the emptiness alone,

I had chosen in my selfish pride

To trod the darkened path on my own.


I cried at his feet in humbled blame.

How could I have been so blind not to see?

I cowered there held down by chains

Of self-contempt and despondency.


With a gentle touch upon my soul he sighed.

“My child, do not forget that I first loved you!”

“Is it so?”  I desperately cried.

 He smiled. “Believe my love, for it is true!”


Abiding peacefulness entered my heart.

I shed tears of copious joy and abounding love

For a God, from whom, I will never part

On this earthly world and in heaven above.


I have been given a second chance at life

From my God who had first loved me.

Saved from darkness by the blood of Christ.

Grace for all eternity.


1 John 4:19 We love him because he first loved us.






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