I sit and write and listen to the birds sing as a train whistles in the distance.

I look out the window and see the green grass growing and the trees just unfurling their leaves in the morning sunshine.

But I can’t sit and write for long, Spring beckons me.

I feel the warmth of the morning sun as I step out into the cool morning light.

And I take a deep breath and breathe in the fresh country air.

The cows are already up in the pasture eating their morning breakfast of green grass.

They move slowly heads down tails swinging as the graze serenely along.

I walk through the dew touched grass and glance at my flowers that are just waking up for spring.

The tulips have already greeted Spring with their vibrant colors of yellow, red and orange. They are the early risers of the flower world and are known to rise before Spring has made her debut.

My  bleeding hearts have just donned their maroon leafy coats and now are ready to burst out in hearts of red glory.

Jacobs ladder is a little slower and still lies with his head buried in the rocks but I can see he is stretching trying to wake from winter slumber.

The hostas are still sleeping in their beds of warm soil, not too anxious to wake but soon the warm spring days will beckon them to rise and shine and stretch their green leaves to the sky.

The birds are singing their musical song of Spring. Spring is here Chirrup Chirrup, Spring is here Chirrup! 

I feel like singing with the musical bird choir and skipping in the warm morning sun. It has been a long cold and tedious winter. I’m ready to dance in the Spring sunshine. 

Spring is here Cheer up Cheer Up. Spring is here. Cheer up!