My Affair with Ice Cream

bowl-1932375_960_720My relationship with ice cream is a matter of contention between my husband and myself. I love ice cream; he could take it or leave it. Ice cream is the cherry in my chocolate sundae and the banana in my banana split. Life is just not a bowl of cherries without ice cream. I could seriously eat a whole pint of Ben and Jerries and not share a single spoonful with him.  Therein lies the problem. I can’t seem to share my ice cream or  maybe I don’t want to share my ice cream.

An ice cream cone on a hot sunny day is the cat’s meow. And a fudgecicle melting in my mouth after I mow the lawn… well that’s too delicously cold to speak of. Don’t even get me started on turtle pecan cluster Blizzard from DQ.

My husband argues that ice cream always comes first before he does; even in the cold of winter. I told him to go out and roll in the snow, pour a little chocolate on himself, add a few colorful candy sprinkles and maybe just maybe he would get my attention. Needless to say that didn’t go over too well.

Ice cream and I go way back. As a kid I remember going to the little store on the corner, with a box full of empty pop bottles, I had managed to scavenge from my generous Cocoa-Cola drinking neighbors. I would trade them for the best, melt in your mouth, cold as a winter day ,creamy, strawberry ice cream cone on earth! It was oh so delicious on those hot summer days.

Another memory was riding my bike up to the local ice cream stand with a quarter in my pocket. A quarter that I had earned from a loose tooth that I had wiggled and wriggled for a whole week; just so the tooth fairy could bestow me with her shiny riches of silver. I would trade it for a tall chocolate swirled cone of mammoth proportions that melted in my mouth.

The days of A&W root beer floats with all that swirled creamy delicious vanilla ice cream floating like soft clouds in a root beer colored sky are fond memories to behold.

When it comes to ice cream I am not prejudiced. I like chocolate, I like vanilla, I like strawberry. Heck if it was green with grasshoppers ice cream…I could eat it. It’s ice cream for goodness sake! And the little things added to it like caramel, hot fudge, sprinkles, nuts and all those goodies. Well that’s just the proverbial cherry on top.

Ice cream is such a sweet dream for every season. Spring, summer, winter or fall. I will eat ice cream through it all. It could be freezing cold and a blizzard outside and I would be nice and toasty eating peppermint ice cream inside. I have a  total spring fling with any type of ice cream. Summer… the season to beat all seasons  in the cold creamy deliciously sweet world of ice cream. I can’t forget to mention spicy pumpkin  ice cream to melt in my mouth in the cool days of fall.

My husband has learned to accept the other love of my life…ice cream. And I have learned to share my love between the two. I have even been known to  begrudgingly share my ice cream with my husband at times. But those times are few and far between.  It’s going to be a long rocky road and may take some time, but I am sure we can get this  soft whipped into shape. And someday maybe I will gladly share my ice cream with my husband. Someday!

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