Tangled Thoughts

knit-1461292_1920The thoughts come in the night mixed up and  knotted like tangled piles of yarn.

In my dreams I try to sort them out but they remain in a large unruly pile in the

middle of an unknown space and time. I wake with my mind full of these tangled

thoughts and stare at the bedroom ceiling.  One by one I take each thought,unravel it

from the pile and examine it. Some thoughts I can use and I put them in my  “could

be used sometime” pile in my mind. Others are just too knotted and gnarly to even

try to get apart. So off they go into the discarded thought trash pile. I look at the

clock. Five o clock. Can’t go back to sleep. So I am up for the day. I make coffee, and

strive to write down each saved thought. Sometimes if I am lucky the thought turns

into something that can be built upon like a fine row of yarn stitches. Add more

thoughts to it and I have a nice piece of work. Add even more and I have

knitted a story together. Sometimes the thoughts gets tangled and crooked. And I

have to pull them all apart and start over again. Other times it’s best to roll it up and

store it away for later use. At rare times; and these are the best times; the thoughts

keep coming  together one after another each one connecting to another in perfect

harmony.   The thoughts may remain as one for awhile but then suddenly change in

color and texture, small nuances that though unnoticed alone give character and

strength to the piece and soon they all meld together to form something so complete

that it’s hard to believe that I could create such a piece. A piece I am proud of.  To

most people  it will be just a thought, poem or book that someone unknown wrote;

but to me; each is an untangled, sifted through and completed thought. A master

piece of my own making.


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