Did I Say Empty Nest?


I got up early this Wednesday morning because I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to work on my fourth book.  I decided to let the girls out of their beds because I figured “they are cats they’ll be quiet.” My hubby had an hour and a half before he had to get up to go to work  so that would give me some quiet time to drink a cup of coffee and work on my book and  give him some much needed sleep.  Was I ever wrong.

Since it was still dark out, I wouldn’t let Sally, Kady or Yeti out for their morning outing, even though they sat at the door and waited patiently for me to open it. Fifteen minutes later they gave up the wait. First they went to the bedroom door and scratched loudly on the rug, making sure to wake hubby and have him holler and ask what was going on. Next they decided to wrestle on the dining room chairs, and ended up knocking one over. The last straw was when they ran hellions with bells on, up and down the hall chasing each other sounding like a herd of elephants were literally running in our house. Once again hubby asks,” What’s going on out there!”

I yell at the girls. “Dad is trying to sleep. Will you please be quiet!” That is when I  realize that I have said those words before when my kids were young and my hubby was on night shift. I really thought I would never say those words again. I thought when the kids grew up that the house would be empty and I would be alone. But life had other ideas.

One day as I was hoeing my garden I heard a small “mew”. I walked over to the equipment pile that sat by our corrals following the sound of the meowing. And lo and behold there was my first baby for my recently emptied nest. She was a tortoise shell sweetie with white paws and a cute bubbly face. Kady became part of the family. Kady’s sister also came too but she was so small and weak , she didn’t make it.  But Kady Cat did and she became my little girl. Of course things multiplied from there. No Kady didn’t have kittens.  I made a point of having her fixed.

But my Dad swore up and down that Kady was lonely so one day the doorbell rang and lo and behold baby #2 entered the nest. A little snow white kitten with a black mohawk design on her head and a crooked black tail.  My hubby tried to name her …you guessed it…Mohawk but for some reason I wanted to name her Sally Ann, Sally for short, Sally Ann when she’s in trouble.  And the name stuck. Now we had two!

Number  three came one dark night in the middle of a thunderstorm. My son who actuallly lives next door to us, came in with a small soaking wet green eyed charcoal grey baby who could not for the life of her meow. All she could do was whisper meow. We figured she had meowed so much that she lost her voice and to this day Yeti has yet to meow. Yes ,Yeti is her name thanks to my son. He thought she had big feet. I tried to rename her with Gray and Misha and Nellie and the likes but Yeti is what she comes to. and Yeti she will be. And then there were three!

So I am officiallly not an empty nester anymore. Of children…maybe… but in talking to other pet owners your pets are like your children. My nest consists of my hubby, me and three female cats that are very different in color, size and persona.

My three girls keep me pretty darn busy, feeding them, grooming them and of course changing their litter box. They each have their own personalities.

Kady is cuddly and chubby and has the sweetest disposition. She probably wouldn’t hurt a fly. But she is deathly afraid of anything motorized. If she hears a truck, train or car start up she shoots under the bed to hide until the danger or noise has passed. Oh and if the skies look like a storm is coming, off to her little hiding place she goes once again.Kady will come when called, and she will strut like John Wayne  up to you, stretch and yawn and than sit down at your feet  and stare at you with huge green eyes, as if to say…I’m so cute – cuddle me!

Sally is the tomboy cat of the family. She has decided that my hubby is her human. She will curl up on his lap and sleep as he naps. My lap – nope – too uncomfortable. She beats up any other stray cat that comes in the yard. She does leave Kady and Yeti alone. They are her sisters of course.  But the barn cats are literally banned from the inner yard, that is Sally’s sanctum. Only Kady, Yeti and of course her humans are allowed in this place. Sally is also a love biter. She loves to show her adoration by nipping just a small bit of your skin.  We have tried everything to break Sally of  love biting but to no avail. If Sally loves you Sally bites you!

Yeti is the new comer and the loner. Oh she loves Sally and Kady and will curl up with them and take a nap. But don’t ask her to sit on your lap for a second. She goes into frozen cat with flipping tail mode. Try to hug her and her legs freeze in place as she pushes away with gritted teeth. I am sure she actually grits her teeth. Yeti is not a cuddler! But if she chooses she will let you pet her on her terms. If she decides that it’s okay then she will jump on your lap and let you run your hand down her head over her back up her tail  and that’s about it. Okay the cuddle is over. I’m out of here!

I love my children very much and I miss them now they’ve grown but this new phase of a full nest is fun too. My cats are my family too and as sit and write this post, the girls are doing their own thing. Yeti has given up chasing flies in the window and is now napping on the back of the couch. Sally Ann has gone outside to chase robins in the june berry bush and maybe beat up a barn cat or two and Kady, well Kady is my first baby and she has always loved to sit on my lap while I write. But she has decided that it’s time to nap under the bed.

So I guess the nest is back to being full again. I think I will probably stop at three. That’s a good round number. My hubby and I are never alone any more. Even when we go to the bathroom, there’s a paw curling under the door or one of them is scratching trying to get in. When we sit to watch tv or read a book, our laps are never empty.  The laundry basket never fails to have a cat in it. And there are nose marks on my porch window where they sit on their cat perch and look out side. Sometimes they have bath times when they decide to go outside and roll in the cow corrals.There are toys everywhere, beds everywhere and scratch posts everywhere, and the pitter patter of little feet fills the air.  The nest is definitely not empty anymore. It’s full of life!

One thought on “Did I Say Empty Nest?

  1. I have three boys too, Leo my lion like tawny firstborn. Snosey is my Kung Fu Panda and Jag my last born, black and grey Jaguar. All rescues and all mine to love and cherish. Then I have 3 at work. They either come for breakfast or supper but they come.


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