Grand Parents- Sometimes The Forgotten

As I get older I have more time to contemplate things. And this week I have been thinking about grandparents. No I am not a grandparent myself but I have many friends and family that are  and I did have grand parents and I do have to say someday I am looking forward to being one.

I have talked to various grandparents and have found they all have one thing in common. They love their grandchildren. You know a grandparent would do anything for their grandchildren. They would move heaven and earth for their grand children if they could. They get their faces painted, make silly sounds and faces just to see a grandchild laugh.  The make sure they have lots of toys at their house when the grand children come to visit and they always have goodies just for the grand children. Tears come to their eyes when a grandchild says I love you Gramma or I love you Grampa. Grandparents are a special breed because they are parents too.  They are the last resort as a baby sitter when you can’t find one. They are the shoulder you cry on when your worn out and tired from an all nighter with a crying daughter or son. Sometimes they even help you pull the all nighter. They are the advisors when you don’t know why your child isn’t pooping. LOL. And they are just there when you need to talk to someone who has seen it all. They can advise you on how to warm a bottle for your baby, what to do when your fifteen year old stays out too late, or your eight year old decides to finally say the F – word.  A grandparent is a parent that has been through the complete  cycle. The child cycle.

And sometimes a grandparent will be the most honest person on earth and tell you how it really is. Because that is the world as they see it.  Trust me all you grandchildren. Grand parents do know what they are talking about. They have alot more years of experience on you and they in all honesty have been where you have been long before you were even a sparkle of a grandchild in their eye.

What really is heavy on my heart is how some grandparents are sometimes treated. And no this does not pertain to any one in particular. But if this part does make you feel guilty than maybe its time to take a good look at how you treat your grand parents or as children your parents who are grand parents.

Sometimes grand parents become parents again. When their children can’t handle being a parent or when for some reason they aren’t able to be the parent, the grand parent will step in and lovingly take on the responsiblilty of being a parent. This is where the apple cart gets a little upset so to speak. Because that is when the grand parent/parent relationship gets a little fuzzy. Now I am not saying that any grand parent is complaining. It’s just the way I see it in various situations.  It’s very easy just  to take a grand parent for granted then. Easy to think they will baby sit when you decide you need time to yourself and you are just completely tired of your kids. And trust me they will take your children in a minute. That is the unconditional love of a grand parent. They may be tired on their feet from working all day or just plain tired from growing old but when they look at that child of yours who is a grand child of theirs, all they see is a wonderful creation of God that they have the awesome chance of getting to know for awhile. Because and this part brings tears to my eyes, Grandparents eventually go away to a place where someday we will see them again. Grand parents don’t always get the chance to see their hopes and dreams fulfilled in the life of a grand child. It’s sad but true.

What I am trying to say is this. Sometimes our lives get so busy with living our life that we forget about others, especially the ones that gave us life. In one way or another. Some times we forget that our grand parents won’t always be around to tell  stories of when they were young or give you well earned advice on how to live.  Spend as much time as you can with your grand parents/parents. Sometimes one just takes for granted they will always be there but we all know but do not want to admit that they won’t be.

I know myself that some of the best memories I have are when I got to spend time with my grand parents. Those are memories I will cherish forever. Whether you barely see your grandparents or if you spend alot of time with your grand parents, let them know how much you love them and appreciate them. You don’t have to do anything very special. Grand parents don’t ask for much. A good visit, a hug and and an I love you would pretty much make their day. Listen to their stories, take walks with them, look at their flowers and just spend time with them. Make some precious memories because someday that will be all you have. grandparent-2656412_1920

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