Storm – Endless Dance of Nature

100_4043A storm is coming.

The dark sky grumbles it’s displeasure

In the hot summer day’s heat.

Mammoth, dark, looming clouds swirl together

In angry bubbling clusters

As the storm forms overhead.

A crescendo of ferocity echoes off the horizon.

An ominous foreboding of stormy vengeance.


A gray mugginess creeps slowly

Over the sun kissed earth

As the dark clouds cover the golden sphere.

The earth shudders

In the gray chill.

The trees have stilled their dance in the breeze.

The birds have silenced their songs of melody.

The earth waits in muted silence

As the sky decides it’s destiny.

Suddenly! One large drop of water


To the ground.

Soon  more drops follow

In a torrential, pounding downpour,

Soon becoming frozen nuggets

Of icy Destruction.


The storm plays it’s own symphony

In a cacophany of ice and water

as trees bend to the relentless pressure of the tumultuous wind

And the earth is pelted with crystal orbs of icy assailment .

Nature is at war with Nature

In this tempermental dance of unpredictability.

The sky bellows out large claps of thunder

and lights up the dark horizon with searing bolts of light,

Flashing, crackling, zapping

In a frenzied display of electric mania.

But the earth stands it’s ground against the storm driven assault

Unwilling to surrender.

And just as suddenly as it came

the storm wanders away like a mischievious child

Leaving the remnants of it’s tirade scattered about

like forgotten


Lo and Behold…..

The dark clouds roll away

to reveal a blue, blue sky.

Warm caressing rays touch the wet weather shaken land.

The rain kissed leaves of the trees drip remnants of the storm

As they sway in the cool breeze.

The birds once again tweet their happy

songs of life.

The storm has passed, the war has been waged.


Once again the earth will renew itself

And go on.

In this endless dance of nature.100_6157

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