A calm soothing rain softly drifts down

In the early morning hours

When the birds are still sleepily testing their morning songs

And the early light of dawn bathes the land

As it it awakens from it’s nightly slumber.

The smell of wet earth permeates the smokey haze filled air

caused by the wild fires of summer.

Rumbles in the far off distance warn of  the passing storm.

The dry cracked earth welcomes the rain

Sighing , crying out for more.

Flowers raise their stately heads and green foilage


Reaching for the water blessing.

A chill breeze blows through the window by my desk

Causing a shiver

Letting me know that although we are

In the middle of these hot August sweltering

Dog days of summer that

These too will soon pass.

And the chill frosty days of Fall

Will soon be upon us

When the pumpkins turn orange on the vine

And the leaves fall from the trees

In a kaleidescope of colors.

When our breaths come out in small

puffs and the frost covered grass crunches

under our feet.

I can smell Fall in the air

In this season of summer.

Soon Summer’s hot days

Will fade away for another year

And Fall will dance in on

A cool Autumn  breeze.

The cycle of nature will go on

In a neverending circle

of time.100_6149








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