I am SK Virtue. I was Montana made! I lived in Montana my whole childhood mostly in the  country, mostly on a farm. I have milked cows, raised 4-h steers and pigs. I have snapped beans,canned corn, stacked hay and cleaned out cow stalls. My swimming pool was a dirt ditch and my playground the corn field or cow pasture.

I like to sew, garden ,grow flowers but I love to write.  God has always been an important part of my life.He is the rock and the reason. He is the gift giver of life.And he has given me the gift of writing.And even if no one ever reads my words,at least I know I had the opportunity to share them.

I married, moved to Wyoming, had two wonderful children, raised them with my coal miner husband in country subdivision three miles from town. Wyoming was my home for twenty years. And I loved it there. But Montana always held my heart. And I knew one day I would call Montana home again.

After my kids graduated college, my husband and I packed our bags, sold our house, and headed back to Montana. My husband was also a Montanan from the get go but he was a city boy. But he has adapted real well to the country life.

We now live on my family farm across the road from good neighbors-my folks to the south and some friendly cows to the east. My backyard is miles and miles of dryland pasture. I have chickens a garden and a country junk pile(my hubby’s). And once again I am home in Montana. And once again I am writing💖