Book 3 – When All Seems Lost Love will Find a Way (Montana Hearts and Home Series)

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Book excerpt

Roy huddled behind a row of caragana bushes in the hot, afternoon sunshine. It had been quiet for the last ten minutes. Too quiet. He glanced over at the other agent who was crouched behind the unmarked car. He nodded at his partner and pointed towards the pole barn indicating he was going to head to the side of it. The agent gave a thumb up hand gesture.

Roy silently counted to five. And then with an expelled breath he quickly jumped up and headed for his destination. The gunfire started almost immediately. The shooter must have been watching and waiting.

 Well, he was already on his way, there was no turning back. Roy couldn’t do anything but run forward.

Roy weaved back and forth, dodging and dipping, trying to avoid the gunfire. But it was a steady onslaught. He could hear gunfire coming from behind him too as his partner returned fire.  Roy realized he had become a moving target. He heard a bullet whiz by his ear and felt another barely miss his shoulder. He just needed to get to the side of that barn.  He was almost there, but then a sudden sharp pain in his right thigh took his breath away. And just as suddenly his leg gave way, causing him to stumble.  He was sure he’d been hit.  Damn, he wasn’t going to make it to the side of the barn. And two steps away from his destination Roy crumpled to the ground as a cloud of dust surrounded him.