Book 4 – coming soon!(Montana Hearts and Home Series)

Last night seemed almost surreal. Had it really happened or had he dreamed it? If he dreamed it than it was one heck of a dream. A beautiful russet haired green eyed woman had kissed him. And Wow! He could still taste her lips and smell her perfume. It wasn’t something he was going to forget anytime soon. He didn’t think she was crazy. But he knew that she missed her husband. The nightmare she was having proved it. She told him that her husband was dead but she left no explanation of how it happened. Other than the nightmare she seemed almost too calm about it. He suspected that it affected her more than she wanted to say, but he wasn’t one to try and get her to talk. It had been quite a roller coaster ride from the moment he picked her up to when the cop had knocked on the door.  Newlyweds, huh? She definitely did scream, and he could see the cop’s reaction to her explanation of why she screamed. She said it so nonchalantly.