Book 2 -Where Love Will Lead The Heart Will Follow (Montana Hearts And Homes Series)

Excerpt from Book

“Dios Mio. What is going on here?” Emanuela was standing outside with Esteban and her family and four orphans that had spent Christmas with her family. Amanda saw the look of shock on Emanuela’s face and a sly grin on her husband Carlos’s face. The children were giggling and hiding their eyes. Amanda blushed a deep pink. She knew what they must be thinking. She was in her robe and nightgown and was being carried out of her house by Lucas who was also in his pajamas. And it was late morning.

Lucas did not put Amanda down right away, but he spoke for both of them.  “It is not what you think Emanuela. A glass vase was broken all over the floor and I did not want Amanda or Esteban to cut their feet.”

Esteban pulled at Emanuela’s shawl. “Si, it is my fault. I brought flowers to Senorita Amanda and was telling her a story about Mama. I forgot to tell Papa where I was going. I am sorry!”

Esteban was crying now. “I am sorry I ruined Christmas!”

Lucas set Amanda down gently and bent down to Esteban. “Tebi, hijo you did not ruin Christmas. These things happen. Look Amanda is fine, her feet are not cut and your feet are fine too. We will get this cleaned up and then we will all go and have Christmas breakfast and open presents. What do you think?” Lucas looked at Amanda who shook her head and agreed with him. Then Lucas looked at Emanuela and Carlos.

“Si it is time to celebrate.” Emanuela clapped her hands and laughed.” It’s Christmas Day.”

She began herding her family and children toward the cafeteria. “Undele. Let us go get the food ready.”

Lucas turned toward Amanda’s cabin to help clean up but Emanuela stopped him.

“I will help Amanda with the glass.  You and Esteban need to get dressed for the celebration. Tsk tsk.” She clicked her tongue. “Sister Abuela and I leave for one day, hmm?” She pushed Lucas gently toward his cabin. “Go now.” Then she turned to Amanda. “Let’s get this cleaned up and get you dressed. You cannot go to a celebration in that.” She pointed at Amanda’s robe. You need to be a bonito Uno.” Emanuela smiled and winked at Amanda. He is a handsome man, your Senor Lucas.”

Amanda started to say he wasn’t exactly her Senor Lucas but she knew Emanuela already had made up her mind. One thing she did agree with Emanuela on. Lucas was definitely a handsome man.


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